Brochure for Volvo

Agency: Carlson Marketing   Client: Volvo

Volvo wanted to encourage their regional sales managers to talk to customers about car accessories they could purchase using a demo kit that management felt was being underused in branch as the sales managers hadn’t engaged fully with how it could help them persuade customers.

The brief was to create a letter and brochure to send to regional sales managers that sold in the concept of demonstrating the accessories effectively. The client and agency were struggling to find a route in and asked me to effectively fill in a blank sheet.

I came up with the line It’s A Test Drive. With Accessories concept used in the letter and the Touch. Understand. Buy line shown on the brochure.

These ideas helped to clearly give the message that the accessories could be appealing to the customer if they were given a chance to get hands-on and test them out, in the same way they test drove the car itself.

The solution I offered delighted both the client and the agency management.




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