In the course of my career I’ve managed a wide range of media production activities including building websites, creating apps, growing online brands, film, TV and short film production. I’m also adept at pitching, networking and raising funding.

I’ve worked in TV production companies and made programmes for organisations such as Channel 4, the BBC and the BFI. I’ve also worked in publishing, as a journalist and as a copywriter both in-house and in agencies. Brands and organisations I’ve written for include Hyundai, Volvo, Dunlop, Shell, Anchor, Lloyds Black Horse, Nokia, BT, Future Publishing and UKTI.

It’s along this journey through the media landscape that I’ve made strong connections with a wide variety of very talented creative collaborators from numerous disciplines. They’re the people who I can introduce if required to your projects, creating teams who can deliver great work across an array of formats …read more.




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