Managing Creative Projects

I’ve worked across advertising, journalism, events, film, TV and publishing for large companies and small start-ups, in-house, in agencies and in studios. I can bring this comprehensive understanding of the way the media works to your business and manage creative projects in the following areas:

Sourcing creative teams

Do you want to create a short film to use on social media, or are you looking for someone to update the photography on your website? Do you want to write a creative pitch document with fantastic visuals, or create a new social media campaign - but don’t have the time to build a temporary team or the resources to hire new staff or an agency?

That’s where Constance & Co can help. I work with a network of trusted freelance collaborators with whom I’ve delivered numerous projects over the years. Together we can help you achieve the results you want, delivering fast turnaround creative and marketing projects of the highest standards. These collaborators include:

Designers - Illustrators - Characters Designers - Photographers - Filmmakers - Film Editors - Drone Operators - Animators - Coders – VR & AR Experts - App Designers - Game Designers - Social Media Managers - Conference Producers

If you’d like to discuss a project that requires a larger creative team please don’t hesitate to get in touch.




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